There'll be more here than chiptunes eventually, whenever I record a quality version of them...


' fighty '
august 2016

' kangaroo rat survival simulator '
january 2015

BGM of a short-lived crack at J Tuason's My First Game Jam. Game design + balance is absolutely not my thing, so the project isn't going anywhere even if it hadn't fallen apart for pretty funny reasons.

' marching_edm_anime_tune_in_g_major '
december 2015

' d to e '
december 2015

Despite some outstanding flaws from trying to make drum & bass in 8 bits (it will become evident a recurring theme of my worst mistakes is my constant determination to shoehorn in drum & bass), this tune has stayed with me over the years, as I hope you'll also get to hear someday.

' drum practice 1 '
july 2014

' layers '

' please stand by '
november 2013

chiptune covers

I tackled the early files here as an exercise in rote transcription, without much thought as to stripping elements for clarity. So those'll be a real messy listen.

heretic, hero (halo 2) | walk in the woods (halo 1) reprise
martin o'donnell and michael salvatori

baba yetu (civilisation IV) - christopher tin
november 2016

c.a.t.s. - asian joe
august 2015

Cover of a very old, pretty obscure video I watched in my youth. The site which linked it (a huge one in its time!) noted how much it sounded like an old platformer boss battle; eight years later, rolled up my sleeves, & now we have this. Was one of the first things I promised myself I'd work my way up to making.
(I don't promise to do a GOOD JOB of it though, especially because I yet again shoehorned in drum & bass. I could fix this.)

The original artist of this song doesn't seem determined to forge his path in music anymore, but his subsequent channel, Kuma Films, is raking in millions of views and regular corporate partnerships. Isn't that incredible? You watch him once eight years ago as a teenager, fucking around on a piano & utterly clueless about what was to come in his future. But then again, some people always have a feeling they're destined for grand things.

Here's another version I apparently made; I still can't decide whether I like this more on its face, than the deviation it makes from the whole conceit of the original video.

keep on movin' - 5ive
may 2014

august 2013

shake it - metro station
april 2013

dare - gorillaz
march 2013